Yum Yum Yummy!!!

Eat. Drink. Laugh!

Cooking is therapeutic, you can let yourself loose, divulge into chopping those veggies, thinking how you can cook something different with the limited stock available or in an overly stocked kitchen! For me it is "My Kitchen, my rules". 

It is not only about cooking. It is also about going to the places and finding something amazing to eat (this usually leads to me ending up tasting something which I don't like).. Cooking or going out to a place to eat, at the end of the day, the tummy wants what it wants :D

Now food can't go without a decent drink being poured down your throat. So we will see a bit of my favourite drinks too. 
Come, see, drool over the food, look at the amazing drinks and also read few of my cooking stories & also hogging stories! :) Maybe a few of my drunk stories too!
So let's get a little full & a little tipsy! :)