So, you will come across "He" in quite a lot of my posts. Who is he? Why don't I give him a name?

"He" is someone who changed me as a person. Someone who will always get the credit of making me the confident person that I am today. Someone who pushed me in right direction. Someone who challenged me to improve myself. Someone who made me want to be a better version of myself. It was a chance meeting at a concert on 14th Feb'2009. We did not know each other and our common friend introduced us to each other. After that concert, we did not speak for over 3 months and then one day I got a FB friend request from him. We started talking, became friends, started bunking college together, going for movies, spending time, taking interest in each other's life, being there for each other. Eventually we got together. It was December, December 2009 when everything changed. I was happy! I learnt a lot when we were together. I learnt what It meant to care about someone, what it meant to worry about someone, what it meant to constantly try & be better for this someone. He always pushed me in the right direction, gave me the confidence that I could do whatever I wanted to, that it was okay to make mistakes, learn from them & move ahead. He celebrated my every small achievement, appreciation that I received & I would feel happy when I saw him happy & when he would say " Baccha I am proud of you!".

Slowly things went bad & this is when I learnt what it meant to forgive someone. I learnt that I will always forgive him, by default, because the person mattered to me and I thought the rest can be worked upon. I learnt what it meant to have hope - that things will get better. Eventually things became worse where we had to part ways. It was hard, but, it was the best thing to do.

After all this time, December's are still hard for me. I try to stay positive but.....;

So, when you come across "He" in my posts, now you will know who is "He". "He" is the person who made me smile, who made me happy, who made me a better & more confident person, who taught me how to forgive, how to care, how to love & also how to share. "He" is someone who will always have me if the entire world went against him. "He" was Home!

"He" is not my ex. He is & will always be just "He"; :)

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