Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I was asked this question and I have been thinking, thinking really hard, why? Why do I allow it? Why do I allow certain people to treat me the way they do and get away with it? Why do I keep giving them the chance? Why did I give them / anyone a chance in the first place? I have noticed I always end up saying "Talk to me whenever you feel like" / "Text me whenever you are free"

I do this because:

Maybe I choose my people after a lot of thinking, overthinking & once I open up I don't want to let go of them;

Maybe I am scared that they will forget me;

Maybe I think that if I don't let it go the way they want it to, then they might leave;

Maybe because I think that, that is how I can make them stay in my life;

Maybe because I think that I don't have anything in me to hold them back, to get them back to me;

Maybe I want them to be happy by doing whatever they want to do or think is correct;

Maybe it doesn't matter how much it hurts when I feel that I am being taken for granted by them as long as they talk to me;

Maybe because I realise that they can go days without talking to me, but I can't do the same;

Maybe because I know they will never understand my silence;

Maybe because one message / call from them lights up my entire day;

Maybe because I love them more than I love myself;


Maybe because I think "It's okay!" :)

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