Live. Love. Hope!

My first tattoo. Summarises my life or rather me:

Birds: For freedom, independence, free spirit.

Hope: When things seem to be going to shits, don't loose hope.

Infinity: Ties up both birds & hope.

You will see me going back to my tattoo quite often if you are sitting across the table from me and we are having a deep, meaningful conversation. Sometimes when it seems like all is lost, I always turn to it for comfort and remind myself, there is still hope and I will get through this. There are nights when it becomes difficult to hold on to that little hope and positivity, in those times I remind myself the thought I had when I walked into that tattoo parlour with this design in my head. I remind myself the pricking of needles on my skin while this tattoo was taking shape. I remind myself taking care of it so that nothing happens to it (sounds silly, but I was scared that ill rub my hand in my sleep and my tattoo will get all messed up).

What I have also realised is that it is okay to loose hope sometimes for a moment, but don't loose it forever!

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