Updated: Jan 12, 2021

How is it possible that you don't wait when there is hope? How do you move on with hope in your heart? Hope that one day, maybe one day, just for a few hours or even a few minutes, you will meet them again, talk to them, get answers to your questions!

Hope is good but sometimes it becomes too heavy to carry along with you, in you! See - Hoping & expecting are two different things but Hoping and not waiting is something which is sometimes not possible. Hoping and moving ahead is not possible. What do you move ahead to? How do you move ahead when there are so many questions that are seeking answers, when all your pieces are missing, when the most comfortable place is the place where you are right now? What and who do you move forward to? You wait.. you wait every day, hoping, that maybe life will be little kind to you and give you back what it has taken away from you. You wait, hoping that probably in a parallel universe you are not living on hopes, you are happy, you do not have any unanswered questions. You hope, a very tiny hope that beyond these societal norms of right and wrong, you both will meet again somewhere far from here, you will feel the same safe that you did earlier when they embraced you, you will be happy, you will be safe, your fears and nightmares will not haunt you anymore, you will be home!!!

So, Yes! Hope! But do not expect. Not too sure about not waiting. You will wait for eternity for them to come back to you because the hope is that what was there when it was there, was real and not just a dream. Maybe you are wrong to wait, maybe you should look ahead and move forward, but the question is move forward to who, move forward to what?

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