Absence of.....

I read this somewhere:

"In the end, the display of hope isn't necessarily equivalent to the absence of despair".

Isn't it true?

I have hope and I hope for quite a few things - quite a few unfinished conversations to finish, quite a few open chapters to close, quite a few wounds to heal, quite a few unanswered questions to be answered, quite a few.....

Does this mean there is no hopelessness? no pain? no anguish? no dejection?

All are there and will remain. It's just how well I choose to hide them. How I decide to deal with them on the nights when they are my company when I can't fall asleep or when they lie with me, in the bed, tucked in the blanket on days I don't feel like getting out of bed and talking to anyone or when they are part of my silence.

They are there. Always. Like a loyal companion. Both hope & despair.

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