Updated: Feb 14, 2021

The Euro trip in 2017 was an experience in itself. Austria was like nature waiting with its arms wide open to welcome you, embrace you tightly and not let you go!

"It was a set of ferocious, quiet beauty, the sort that wouldn't let you just admire it, but make you fall head over heels in love with it. It will make you not want to leave and just stay. Stay. Forever!" - Maggie Stiefvater

Before we get into the blissful experience that Austria was, there is something that we definitely need to know. So, we were in a bus, travelling from Switzerland to Austria and I was sharing the seat with an 11 year old. And if I was irritated throughout the ride while trying to enjoy the beauty outside, it was because of this kid. Well, I am a little particular about certain things & behaviour, manners are just 2 of those things. I cannot stand someone spilling food all over the place where you have to sit, jumping on the seat with your dirty shoes on, or sitting in a way that those dirty shoes touch the other person and through all of this, the parents just look gleefully at the kid doing all this and do not say a single word to her!! Urrrggghhhhh!!!!! The reason it pissed me off more was because the bus driver used to clean the bus every night after we went and slept happily in our hotel rooms. It was not just a bus for him, it was his home and you do not make a home dirty. Adding up to this was the ignorance of grown ups to correct the kid. When I couldn't take it anymore, I pointed it out to the grown ups to ask their kid to behave.. I just couldn't take it and I didn't want to spoil my ride through the beautiful mountains. (I did get quite a few stinking looks from them afterwards, but, Who Cares!!!! Some things are just NON-NEGOTIABLE).

We went through a long road up the mountain, turning, twisting, presenting a breathtaking view at each twist and turn.

How I wished I had an extra pair of eyes to soak in every view, every mountain, every cloud and never forget it. How I wished that I could be this everlasting sponge to soak up the sights and keep on absorbing forever! What would it be like to stay there? Wake up in the morning and look out of the window to see that you are surrounded by greenery and by snow covered mountains, by clouds floating around the peak of these mountains.

The ride up to the place where we stayed in Austria was breathtaking. It was not just the greenery but the colours were starting to show up too! The air was so clear - not a puff of smoke, nor any pollution.. It was, as if the industrial revolution had left this place untouched, it hadn't been ravaged by the decades of so called progress.

I clicked a picture of a tree that had at least 3 colours on it. It was as if the tree had been lit on fire from the top and the fire was spreading down.. enveloping and engulfing it and it was changing colours, in the throes of agony.

There were fallen maple leaves around us and I picked up 2 of them and I still have them in the middle of my diary along with the rose. All memories stored safely in one place.

Beside nature trying to flirt with you while you fell in love with it, there is this one other place worth mentioning here -

The Swarovski Crystal World

Not sure if it's just me or the clouds, the mountains, everything felt different there. I mean look at the clouds! Don't you think they have a story to tell? Their story, their love story of how they fell in love with the mountains, the colours there. :)

Maybe - Of their romance with the mountains, playing hide & seek, with a brush here, a gentle touch there that made it shiver in a blissful way, a glance and then enveloping of them in a sensuous fog!

If ever I want to search for inner peace, I will definitely go back for this ride again, in the middle of the mountains, amongst the clouds, in the arms of nature with all its bright colours popping to paint my life with its gay abandon, so pure that everything will turn bright & happy. As I look at these pictures, I reminisce about the time spent there, the gentle breeze flowing through my hair & making them dance to their tune, the slight chill in the air touching my cheeks ever so lightly, the night sky with stars lighting up in my eyes as I looked at them & the warmth in the midst of that cold night that I felt by just being there. That's what the love of nature does to you. That's what Autria did to me. If Paris was as beautiful as a broken dream and hard not to fall in love with, Austria was the love, you have been searching for without knowing what it was that you were searching for;

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