Blue Shirt;

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

You don’t really have control over who you fall for & when/ how you start loving someone.

Maybe it was “did you drink water today?”

Maybe it was “ice cream ke liye chalen?”

Maybe it was “bhaiya, madam ko orange candy hi chahiye”

Maybe it was “I am waiting for you, come down. Let’s have lunch”

Maybe it was “let’s have coffee”

Maybe it was “I am here for you always”

Maybe it was “I see sadness in your eyes”

Maybe it was “I know that smile”

Maybe it was “you are my happiness”

Maybe it was “finish your work soon, we are going out”

Maybe it was those everyday Goodmorning I used to wake up to and goodnight I used to go to sleep with

Maybe it was those notes you left in my bag for me

Maybe it was the food you got for me when I skipped lunch and dinner in office

Maybe it was you calling me and asking me to come out of the office and telling me that you came till there just to give me a hug and make me smile

Maybe it was how your face will light up with a bright smile whenever you looked at me or saw me from across the floor

Maybe it was how you could see right through me

Maybe it was how you would wait for me to reach home

Maybe it was the worry or concern I saw on your face when we figured out about my vertigo. I remember you were scared, scared that I will not take care.

Maybe it was how you made an effort to bring down every wall.

Blue & Peach, it will always be for you. The first pic, Sound Garden, the first bira.. it will all always be for you.

I often listen to this song you sent me:

Call You Mine - Chainsmokers

You will always be my Blue Shirt Monkey;

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