Bombay Rasta Sandwich

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Can you imagine beetroot & cucumber in a grilled sandwich? I never could. At least not till I tried Bombay Rasta Sandwich at SodaBottleOpenerWala. The first time I went to this place when it had opened recently in our city, I was quite skeptical to try this after reading the description in the menu. The description reads as "Pickled beetroot, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, a cheese slice and mint chutney stuffed between our homemade bread, then grilled." I remember telling my friend, "Sandwich main beetroot and cucumber daal kar kaun grill karta hai yaar."

Anyhow, we decided to take a chance and ordered it and since that day, whenever I go to this place, how much ever stuffed I am, I will order this sandwich.

The presentation is really nice, the sandwich is cut into 4 triangular pieces and the open space of the sandwich is covered with sev. They are placed Aage piche karke in front of each other and some crispy masala French fries are placed randomly between them. It is served with a green chutney.


Let me talk about the fries first. Crispy on the outside and soft inside covered with masala (what I could taste was salt, red chilli and very little pepper). The red chilli in the masala makes my nose water but it is so finger licking good that I just can't stop eating them and then lick my fingers irrespective of the place where I am sitting and eating these fries.

*some more drool*

Coming to the sandwich, they apply a layer of green chutney on the bread and then there is pickled beetroot, onion, cucumber, tomato and potato. The bread is nicely grilled and is super crunchy on the outside. When you take the first bite, you can hear the crunchiness of the bread as you sink your teeth into it. It's a blast of flavour in your mouth. You will taste the green chutney followed by the tangy and sweet taste of pickled beetroot, that I don't know how to describe the taste of cooked cucumber, then onion, tomato, potato and cheese!!!! It is crunchy on the outside and soft and filled with flavours inside. To explain it more clearly, if you have seen the movie Ratatouille, remember how Remy combines cheese & strawberry and takes a bite of it and there are these lights around him.. more like stars and firework because of the taste this combination created and the pleasure it bought to his taste buds? Yeah, it was the exact same kind of feeling when I first tasted it.

This is one sandwich to kill for and to stuff your tummy with if you ever go to SodaBottleOpenerWala.

*continue drooling*

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