Broken Things?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Everytime someone leaves, a part of you is stuck in that timeline. You move on, leaving that part behind, leaving a bit of yourself, a piece of you and one by one you end up locking away the remaining pieces of you.

What is left now?

You. Still not You!

Physical you? Yes.

Original You? No.

People don't realise that when they leave, they are not JUST leaving the person, they are taking away a huge chunk of that person along with them forever. Can you go back and collect all the pieces stuck in these timelines?

Can you rebuild yourself?

Yet, someone comes along and brings down the walls you have built around you. You are careful. You think, "I will not let my guard down". But, you do! You take that leap of faith of thinking it will not be the same. When you fall hard, again, you convince yourself, "It was worth it" & you try to move on;

Thing is even when people leave, they don't really leave you. You still hold on to them somewhere deep inside your heart, in your subconscious and often in night when you are unable to sleep, you explore your subconscious, bring them out in front and have a conversation with them which you long to have with the real them. Ask them questions which they left unanswered and also try to answer them.

I wonder if they remember us the way we remember them. Do we cross their mind when they listen to that song they dedicated to you, when they hear your name in a conversation, when they come across something you may have given them, when its their birthday and you haven't wished them. Do we cross their mind?? What I get scared about and also hope is to meet them again.. face to face.. and see if they acknowledge me, if they smile or will they just turn & walk away. I get scared what will I do? How will I handle it? I get scared that I will try to talk to them and they will just walk away same like how I have seen in my dreams. I guess we will find out when we get there. Till then I will continue having those conversations with me trying to figure the answers for my unanswered questions.

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