Bubble & Fizz

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Passion Fruit Bellini - one of my favourite cocktail. The ingredients used to make this amazing cocktail are champagne, sparkling rose wine & that cute cherry you can see sitting happily at the bottom of the glass. I look at the waiter as he gets my drink and I can see the bubbles from afar. The drink is served & I pick up the glass. It's chilled. I feel the cold against the skin of my palm and a shiver goes down my body (mind you, the last time I had it, I was down with cold, sore throat & cough and yet I had 3 - 4 of those. :D A heart wants what it wants!).

I take a sip of it. As it goes down my throat it feels a little bitter at first and then you can taste the sweetness along with the fizz. Slowly, the bubbles start disappearing as it loses its fizziness and the cherry that was sitting quietly at the bottom of the glass, comes floating to the top. The wine infused cherry at the end of this drink is like icing on cake. The sweetness of cherry combined with the taste of wine.

This cocktail is to be had slowly, to be enjoyed, feel it, taste it as it goes down and along with it enjoy the company you have. This cocktail is to be sipped - slowly. It is to be enjoyed and savoured, sip by sip. You should relish the taste as it goes down your throat and feel the after taste it leaves on your lips where it touched first.

This is my favourite drink to have with my favourite people. Where there is no sense of time, we are just talking and don't even realise when the evening gives way to the warmth of the night and the sky turns dark.

This cocktail will give you the buzz in all the right ways. It will not hit you hard, it will just keep you in that happy place with a light buzz.

It goes well with amazing company, never ending conversation & nice, soft music playing in the background.

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