Updated: Jan 3, 2021

I read this today. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night or if I can't sleep, I read Calvin. When I read this particular strip today, it evoked a thought. Fire! One of the four elements. It is comfort and it is also danger. What is it about fire under a clear sky, under the starry night, in the silence of the night. It just doesn't warm your body, it warms your soul. Around it either you want to close your eyes and listen intently to the crackling of fire while feeling the warmth it spreads around it. Or gaze into it... Either ways, you can just sit quietly, get lost into it along with your thoughts. Your thoughts, Fire & You! You don't / won't need any other company. Or, if you choose, if I have to choose, ill choose the people closest to my heart to sit around it and talk, all night long!

Look, observe, the people who sit around it. You will see the beautiful dance of fire reflecting in their eyes, while they are lost in their own thoughts. And these are the people you can probably trust. Even the dying embers of the fire spreads warmth around it! And yes, there is something magical about it! Sit around it and experience it!

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