Cheesy Cheesy Fries!!!

Another yummy - licious & finger licking snacks / finger food at Roastery - a place that I used to frequent pre-lockdown - Cheesy Fries. *Sigh*

The fries are zig zag shaped and topped with melted cheese and cocktail sauce. The crunchiness of the fries, the cheesiness of the cheese and the tanginess and slight spiciness of the sauce - they just melt in your mouth and give you a mini foodgasm. I can have the entire plate in one go and will still be left wanting for more.

For all the French fries’ lovers, it is a must try. Have it when it is served hot else it will become soggy because of all the cheese on top of it.

My tummy, my taste buds, my palette & I miss you my dear cheesy fries. <3

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