Coffee <3

"A lot can happen over a cup of coffee!"

Yes, indeed! A hell lot of things can happen over a cup of coffee:

  1. You can make up for the fight you guys had earlier

  2. Or you can start a new fight

  3. You realise someone drove down all the way from their office to yours, just to take you out for a hot coffee on a cold December night

  4. Those breaks in middle of a hectic day to spend 15mins checking on each other while having some Monkey special coffee.

  5. That Chori se meeting at CCD waali coffee

  6. First date coffee

  7. When you are upset about something & someone says "aaja, ill make coffee for you" waali coffee

  8. Let's stop talking waali coffee

  9. Headache bhagane Waali coffee

  10. Early morning neend se jagane waali coffee

  11. Kisi ko miss Karne waali coffee

  12. Apne aap ke saath time spend karne waali coffee

  13. Raat main jab neend na aaye too company dene waali coffee

  14. Froth Waali coffee

Coffee is a warm warm warm hug in a cup. A warm hug to get you through your bad days, normal days, happy days, sad days & days in general!

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