Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Oogway looks forward to the company:

Whether it is the road;

Whether it is someone;

Whether it is clouded;

Whether it is sunny;

Whether it is raining;

Whether it is the wee hours of morning or;

Whether it is the time when the darkness envelops the earth in its embrace;

Whether it is for a small bite of chocolate too or a bar of chocolate (Would be a BIG deal!)

Is Oogway worthy of the company?

Is the question that he tries to answer!

Oogway is worthy of the company:

Because he makes you want to be a better person to match his intelligence level;

Because he challenges you;

Because he looks out for you;

Because he pushes you in the right direction;

Because he is there to cheer you up on your rainy days;

Because he is always there to sit with you in dark quietly till you decide to come out of it;

Because he is "No demands, no complaints" person;

Because he "takes you as you are, whoever you are";

Because whenever you dig a hole for yourself, he will always give you a hand and help you in climbing out of that hole :)

Because he makes an effort to share even though that is not his "thing";

Because he proof reads every nonsense you write;

Because he gives you time;

Because he is Home!

Note: This was co-written by Oogway & Eve!

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