Date - Romantic or .........!!!

Updated: May 30, 2021

What is a date?

According to me a date is time you spend with someone you like, some-one who makes you feel happy. It's not necessarily with some one in a romantic way but in a normal way. We do not have to romanticise everything. Do we?

Date is spending time doing something or nothing at all with the person you like. This person can be anyone. For me a date can be as simple as:

  1. A cup of coffee in cafeteria after a crappy meeting

  2. An orange candy after dinner

  3. A 15 min walk talking about our day or a 1 hour walk where we walk silently / do our own work

  4. A quiet ride back home

  5. Watching a movie together

  6. Eating together

  7. Reading a book together in our own respective house

  8. Sharing a song and listening to it together on our respective phones

  9. Going to a place to try the food there because they like that place

  10. A conversation over a bottle of beer

  11. Taking a break and going for Pani Puri

  12. Going to subway because there was nothing interesting in cafeteria

  13. Video call to show their house / just to make their presence felt from across the globe

I will leave it at 13 for now, but the list is unending.. :)

You tell me, what is a date for you & according to you?

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