Updated: Dec 24, 2020

December! I wish it will pass by soon. Like in the blink of an eye. It is always difficult to stay sane in December, to not loose myself, to maintain my calm. December made me happy at one point of time, till a couple of years ago. On some days, I feel I am okay and then the very next day I want to sit alone and cry & cry & cry till December passes. Why don't we get the option to press Shift+Ctrl+Delete and be done with certain memories? It would be so much easier to go through this month then. The memories play on my head like someone is playing them on loop, no pause, no break. People ask me what are my plans for New Year's Eve. What do I tell them? That I want to sit and read old conversations again? That I will go through old pictures again? That I hope I get a call on this one particular day from someone to keep up the promise made years ago? That every year, I ensure I submerge myself neck deep into work to keep myself so occupied that I do not find even a second to think about certain things on that particular day and how miserably I fail at it?

While I keep saying I wish December should get over soon, get over before I go down the lane I don't want to, December also resonates with the song "Theher Jaa" for me!

"ठहर जा ..... तू किसी बहाने से"!!!

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