Fire? or Pheonix?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We went for a 144 km (one way) ride to Mallela Thirtham Waterfall. While returning from there, we stopped at a dhaba for a late lunch. After the sumptuous meal, when we stepped out, it was around 5:30PM and the sky looked like this:

At the far end, it seemed like someone had lit a fire and the sky was ablaze with it. The fire was spreading and looked like a Phoenix with its wings spread, rising from the fire. Look at the shadows between the fiery orange & yellow sky, doesn't it look like a Phoenix with its wings spread, head high, looking up? We stood there transfixed, trying to soak in all the colours of the sky till finally, the sky calmed down, let the fire burn out and gave way to the dark night sky full of stars. :)

The picture here does not do justice to the view that I have seen. This is just a reminder of the day we had, the ride, the climb down to the waterfall and back up, the paining butt because of sitting for long hours on the bike and that it was all worth it!

Sometimes when we feel everything is on fire around us, we can either wait for it to die down and let the calm follow or we can rise from it. I read something once and it has stayed with me since then:

"Because you, like Rome were built on ashes, and you, like a Phoenix know how to Rise and Resurrect!"

The sky always teaches me this in some way or the other!

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