Good for You!

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

We have quite often heard our near and dear ones say “this is good for you”, “yeh karle, yeh tere liye Aacha hai”, “isse baat karle, tere liye aacha rahega”, etc etc

Do they realise or understand that when they say “this is good for you”, it can be good according to THEM. The thing that bugs me, is, do they even try to understand what YOU want? Or what YOU think is good for you?

Nope! They don’t & they won’t. Because they think all the number of years extra that they have walked / inhabited this planet has somehow given them all the experience basis which they can decide what is good for others and what is not.

“Humne apne time main Sab dekha hai” “yeh Baal aise hi safed nai hue hain” “hummain pata hai hum Kya Bol rahe hain”

No doubt they have their best interest in their heart but it’s time they STOPPED it. Because they don’t know what is going on inside the other person. What kind of battle they fight each day, how their insides are hurting, how they want to scream and tell that there is something inside, which is pulling hard on each and every part, tugging at it so hard, that the other person wants to scream in pain, but they can’t. How they dread waking up every single day.

How they want some peace, some decent sleep. How they want one day, just one day where they are happy, smiling, normal. One day when they can be their true self without having to worry about anything. One day when they are not overthinking every small thing. One day where they are not thinking of how to end it all. Normalcy in the true sense of the word is what they are desperate for. The internal struggle sometimes makes it harder to breathe physically. When they are gasping for air and the tears are streaming down their eyes... and they struggle to think straight and think only of how to end it all.

Is it too much to ask for?

There are things inside of us which we cannot speak about or share. How much ever we want to, we just can't bring ourself to share them. Because we know, when we start talking about what is hurting inside, it will break us and we don't want to come across as a pathetic broken mess of a person. Do we?

So what do we do? We keep quiet. We just keep quiet.

Sometimes, just sometimes we let it show on our face but most of the days, we just smile on the outside and fight our battles on our own inside. Because it is always better to smile and keep the people around you happy than let it show on your face and disturb the energy around them. Isn't it? :)

But I don’t know for how long? It has to end sometime.

Question is how will it end when it finally ends?

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