Happy Birthday!

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

This is the second year when I did not wish him on his birthday. It's not that I have forgotten about it. I haven't. I never will. I don't need a Facebook memory popping up on my page to remind me about this day. It is etched in my very being. His Birthday!

I may not call and wish him as the clock strikes 12 ever again. It will never be followed by a message with good wishes but wherever he is, he will always have my wishes, he will always have my gratitude & he will always have my love.

So what if he made a different choice, a choice in which he found happiness, he found Home! I cannot deny the fact that he made a lot of difference, good difference in my life, made me a better person and for every other countless good that he has done to me, he will always, always have my gratitude & love.

Here is wishing him a very very VERY Happy Birthday! :)

P.S: I hope this finds you someday and I want you to know, I may have read your message and not replied or wished you in message or over call, but know this, I have wished you infinite times in my head as soon as the clock struck 12 here and as it chimed 12 there. Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday!!

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