Happy Meal!

Skipper 1 (my friend): Finally I ate a burger. I was soooo Hungry! :D

Skipper 2 (me): yyyeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!! Finally I got a toy! :P

Penguins of Madagascar released in 2014 and after watching the movie, my friend & I wanted Skipper toy. So what did we do? We had quite a few Happy Meals from MC D till we finally got Skipper.

My friend called me on her way home from office and said "I am so hungry, lets go to MC D na". We met at MC D, and decided we will try our luck by ordering 2 happy meals. What did we find inside our Happy Meal? Skippppeeerrrr!!!!!! But only one :(

We decided we will order 2 more Happy Meals to see if we can get one more Skipper (otherwise there was this big question of who gets this skipper). Thankfully we got one more Skipper! :D I have posted this pic on my FB page the same day. We still talk about this and many other such instances. :) It was worth 2 Happy Meals each for this toy at that time.

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