Insignificant? Or not?

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

There are these specific days that you will remember always, till your dying breath. Even if someone deleted it from the drive, Shift+Ctrl+Delete, you will not forget this day. Why? It was the day that changed your life for the better. It changed you as a person, made you realise a lot of things you didn't know existed inside you. But, it ended. It had to, why will it not? It came too close to you and hence it had to end. What did not end along with it is, You!

There was a conversation that you remember in your subconscious, while sleeping, while dreaming, it's replayed over and over again in your dreams and wondered if it was real. You sometimes think if the conversation you remember was even real. You would like to believe it was real. The other person (He) had said that "Whatever happens, wherever we are, we will always talk on this day."

What do you do? You wait. You hope. And you wait some more, but, it just doesn't happen.It's a fruitless wait. It's an endless wait. Maybe it's a hopeless wait, too? You start getting scared when this day is about to come again, every year, scared because you know those words will never come true. Because you will go down the same spiral of questioning yourself, analysing it - did it ever mean anything? Were you THAT insignificant that He doesn't even remember you. Everything which existed earlier - was it so insignificant that he doesn't think about it. How do you convince yourself that probably you were not insignificant, it was just the timing of it all.

Were you insignificant? You will never get the answer for this question. So just live with it and think that probably yes you were / are nothing after all!

It is what it is! You can't change it, you will never be able to change it, how much ever you try!

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