Someone asked me, "What's intimacy for you?"

Intimacy is not only something that can be defined in relation with something physical. Intimacy is:

  1. An emotional connect with someone or with your own self.

  2. A long drive home, alone, because all you want to do, is to be with you. To be you. To not have to talk to anyone, to not act normal, to not be strong and hold every bit inside you so that you don't break down. To be able to cry because you have had it till here!

  3. The cold wind caressing your face.

  4. The warmth of fire touching your body, trying to flirt with it.

  5. Silence of the night that lets you be. Where you can curl up underneath your blanket, have a conversation with yourself, break down, be vulnerable.

  6. Silence! between two people who are comfortable being that way around each other.

  7. A silent conversation. You don't speak, but the other person still hears you. Sitting quietly with someone doing nothing / walking quietly with someone.

  8. Empty roads. That welcome you!

  9. Mountains where you wouldn't mind getting lost.

Intimacy is much more and way above than a physical touch. It is something that touches your soul.

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