Lasagna? Spinach & Corn?

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Spinach & Corn Lasagna. Taken quite literally and served exactly that. I have been frequenting this place, Roastery, quite often. I love the ambience & food there. One of the places where I would definitely want to go with my favourite people.

Coming back to food. So, every time I go, I order something different. The last time that I went there, I had lasagna cravings and so I ordered Spinach & Corn Lasagna. While it looked delicious, I would still not recommend it to anyone. Let me explain - the pasta sheets were cooked properly, the plating was nice, the melted cheese made my mouth water as I saw my server carry it in his hand from afar.

When the plate was in front of me, I just couldn't wait to dig into it. I took the first bite and the smile from my face went off like a fused bulb. It was cooked well but,

  1. There was just too much of spinach and corn in it. More corn than spinach.

  2. It was really bland.

The first bite was a mouthful of corn with spinach in the background and pasta lost somewhere. I mean, it was just corn corn corn corn corn. It was like eating boiled sweet corn with a hint of pasta somewhere and occasionally cheese too and a bit of salt. We had to ask for extra salt and pepper to sprinkle on it before we took the next bite. :(

If I look at them separately, all the ingredients were well cooked. The only thing missing was some spice, cheese and a balance of how much corn & spinach was added in the lasagna. There was no taste of lasagna in it.. just corn & poor spinach here and there.

I am not writing off Roastery basis this one dish. They still have their Cheesy Fries to die for. :D

P.S: The plating although looks quite appealing but the lasagna should be served in a big bowl shaped plate else it gives it a massive look on a flat plate. Just what I think. :)

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