Last Words!

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

What is a breakup? A breakup is not only when your bf / lover leaves you. Breakup is the end of any relationship - best friend / lover / family / someone close to your heart.

So, when I saw this picture and the caption, it got me thinking.

Hardest Breakup!

He leaving.

He left without saying anything. It's not that it happened once, it happened multiple times over a period of 9+ years, though he came back every time. But this time, when he left, I knew he was not coming back. Funny thing is, when he was going back to the US, I spoke to him right before he got on the plane and before putting down the phone I told him, "I don't know why, but it feels like, this trip is the last time that I will be seeing you. Why does it feel like you are telling me 'goodbye' and not just bye." I felt it then, in that second but I convinced myself that it was just me being me and overthinking everything. But, I was correct. It was the last time that I saw him. It was the final goodbye. After going back from here, within 4 months is what he called me and said the "last words".

What were his last words to me? "I can't do this anymore." That's it! He left after saying those 5 words and he left a million other questions unanswered. I am still searching for those answers. :)

My second breakup, Blue Shirt, also left a lot of questions unanswered.

It wasn't really a breakup. We just fell apart. One fine day, he stopped talking, the messages stopped coming, the good morning and goodnight stopped, the phone calls stopped & I ceased to exist for him. I don't know why it happened & I guess, I never will.

It is said - life goes on. Yes, it does. But after all this how do you live with unanswered questions? Don't you wish you could go back and change those last words? or change the ending altogether?

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