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Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Someone once said this to me:

"I wish someone will do those little things for me what I do for others. That, I hope someone will read the signs and do them for me."

The thing is, I don't wish for it or want it. The reason why I will / I do little things for people I love is to see that smile on their face. The smile which spreads till their eyes. I have been lucky to have felt the happiness when someone had done that for me and I have also felt what it feels like to not have that.

The intention of doing it for my people is to ensure they never feel that feeling of not having it. It is worth going to any lengths to if it brings a smile on your loved ones face. I have:

  • The beer bottle cap from the first time Blue Shirt & I went for a drink.

  • The coaster with a message from my friend when we had gone for a stand up comedy to 10D

  • A souvenir he got for me when he had gone to Himachal when we had just started dating

  • Wrapper of first bournville he gave me in college

  • Those small notes blue shirt left in my bag so that I will not miss him for that one week that he was going to be away

  • A box of skittles a sweet little kid gave me, when she came to my house and said "I came here to give this to you"

  • The first rose he gave me (somewhere in between a diary with lots of memories written there)

  • The cork of the first wine bottle he gave me on my birthday

  • Minion sticker pack he sent to me all the way from US

  • Books with something written inside for me

  • The Bira flag from the place where Blue Shirt & I first went to.

Would I want to feel that feeling again?


But do I do whatever I do with the hope that someone will do the same for me?


Can I try to make my people feel that happy?

Yes. And I will always keep on trying. :)

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