Little Things - Part II <3

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

And few more little things that made me smile, that made me happy (:

It is always the thought behind the present that matters. What was the person thinking about when they were getting certain things for you? or the very fact that you crossed their mind for that brief moment when they looked at something and the first thing they thought was "Ah! yes.. this is what I'll get for her". It adds an emotional touch, when someone thinks of the little things, things that you like, things that will be good for you & your mental health. It is like these things speak and they say, "From Me to You!"

I am a sucker for hand written notes, those personal notes, ill trade anything to get it from people I love and I look for it & will always look for it whenever I get a book. The first time someone wrote something in a book was by TK. He went to the extent to get me the hard copy of the books I was reading at that time on kindle. I did not expect a note from him and one day, when I was randomly flickering through the pages, I found 2 lines written in pencil for me. I immediately went and took out the other book and even that one had a note for me.

The second time, I got 2 books that were left for me at my place by my dearest person for me to wake up and find them. In that half sleepy state, I remember opening the book and going through the first few pages, half expecting (like just 0.1%) to find something written in them and I did! And now, if I get a book/s as present, I would always expect and look forward for those hand written notes, because, they will be for me, only me & all for me!

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