Sometimes it is comforting & sometimes it is a big empty space, a dark room and you alone in it.

What is loneliness?

Wanting to talk to someone but knowing that you can't;

Wanting to see someone but knowing that it is not possible;

Wanting to be with someone but knowing that it will never happen;

Longing for that warm hug in the middle of the night to tell you it's okay but knowing you will not get it;

Longing for that kiss on forehead that will take away your headache but knowing that you will not get it;

Two warm hands cupping your face and holding it close to theirs but knowing it is just a distant memory;

A call in the morning to wake you up to listen to your voice but knowing that call will never come;

Staying awake on call till you fall asleep but knowing it will not happen again;

Crying your heart out in their arms but knowing it just exists in your memory;

Wanting to tell someone how hollow it feels inside but knowing there is no one to listen to it and having a one way conversation with yourself;

Me, writing all of this. At this time;

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