Missing Shoes? Dreams? Why?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

You forget all the dreams you had as soon as you wake up and then there are dreams that you remember, as if it was something that happened just a min back. There are two dreams that I remember vividly. These 2 keep re-visiting me every now and then and I have not been able to figure out why? They are the same, every single time. No change! Some say dreams are a reflection of what is there in our subconscious, some say dreams are hidden messages for us.

One of the dreams that I remember and that keeps coming back is: I am walking down the road and stop somewhere. When I stop walking again, my shoes have disappeared, my clothes have disappeared and I am trying to search for them. I search for them desperately but I am unable to find them. Sometimes the clothes reappear but the shoes, never!

The second one is too spooky to even talk about. So, I'll let it be for now.

When I was working in my old firm, there was a session which was being conducted by a friend of my Boss on Interpreting the dreams. I did not attend the session but I did ask him to ask about missing shoes. After the session when I called him and asked "Did you ask my question?", the first answer was "Yeah! she said you need more shoes!!!" and he laughed out loud. (He was a super cute person). Then after I freaked out (oh yes! I used to freak out at him even though he was my boss), he told me it meant "Fear of losing / fear of something lost". It didn't really help in giving me any clarity since I have been having this dream since I was in 6th Std.

My Boss left us in Jan'2018 and after that everyone around us, who knew us, kept saying that they have seen him in their dreams. As if he had come to meet them. I never had those dreams for a long time and it made me angry. But, he did come and visit me. Once! After almost a year and I remember that dream because it was so real I woke up and it took me a minute to understand that it was just a dream! He was not really there. In that dream, he just sat there and looked and smiled at me. The same smile, that he used to give me whenever I would get angry at him.

I have had a couple of such dreams where people who have left / walked out of my life were there and it felt real. It felt like they were there with me. But, in reality there were not. (:

There are these other dreams that are like a black hole. I don't remember anything, but when I wake up, I am scared! Sometimes I have woken up crying and I just couldn't explain it to myself why was I scared? What was there in that dream that scared me so much? These episodes happen once in a while... Of late a bit too frequently.

I have a small lamp in my room, which I keep switched on whenever this happens.

Question here is: What are these dreams? What is the meaning? and Why do they reoccur? What is in that dream that scares me awake? What do they all mean?

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