Rain Princess!

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I saw this painting for the first time on someone's phone. It was their wallpaper & back then I had no clue who Afremov is / was. Later, this someone had shared a link to Google Search page of Afremov. I remember when I saw this painting, it struck me. It struck me real hard and I somehow saw myself in that painting. Look at the posture from behind, it is straight, not bending / hunched, but straight. The angle of umbrella is such that it will provide shelter / protect her from the rain from behind, but the front is more open & welcoming. Careful, watchful, yet welcoming. There is a silence in the painting around her. If you close your eyes and look at this picture in your mind's eye and concentrate, you will hear the soft sounds of rain drops around her. Imagine the smell of wet soil / earth when the rain kisses the ground softly. There is a vibrancy in the painting and the direction in which she is walking, if we look at the colour (red, yellow & orange), it looks she is walking into the sunset. I have tried imagining the expression on her face and all I have been able to imagine is a half smile that does not reach her eyes. There is something very lonely yet peaceful, serene about this painting and every time I look at it, I hear myself say "It's okay!".

I guess why this painting speaks to me is because I have been trying very hard to figure out or imagine the expression on her face, because that may help me in understanding her emotions better, something which I have been trying to figure out about my own life too! Yes, we got to walk alone, but we got to decide that on this journey, whether we will close ourself or keep ourself open to new experiences, new learnings, new heart breaks. You may break again and will have to rebuild yourself all over again. But do it. Still walk the walk confidently with an umbrella to protect you from the rain or maybe just let go of the umbrella & enjoy the rain. :)

This has been my wallpaper since the day I have seen it & I intend to keep it that way!

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