Slip Away...

"You can't really hold on to someone, 'cause the tighter you hold on to them, the more they wanna slip away. All you can do is love them and make sure they know that you're never gonna slip away"

When Marco was saying this to Elle, I felt a shiver go down in my body. Why? Because it was so so so so so SO true! The more I tried to hold on to him, the more he kept slipping away, away into the black hole from where there was no returning. No coming back. The idea, the madness that if we could just talk once, it would all be okay was just a big lie. A lie I told myself every single day. It never went back to being okay. It just kept slipping away. What I did wrong, which I realised when Marco was saying it to Elle was that I tried way too hard to hold on and also at the same time to ensure that he knew I was not going to slip away.

I practically handed the gun to him and hoped he would never use it. He never did! But, yes he did slip away. I understand it now. I should have let loose then, maybe it would have tuned out a bit differently then or maybe not.. Guess, I'll never know! :)

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