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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I have known Snoopy for about 1.5 years now and have really known him for 10 -11 months now. He is someone who walked in my life at the most unexpected time and in his own ways picked up the broken pieces, the mess I was / am and put everything together. From random messages to talking everyday to starting my day with a message from him, that's how I have found happiness in past few months. But as always, when I touch something, I tend to spoil it. I did the same here. I never wanted to be the cause of pain, sadness, unhappiness for anyone, let alone my dear Snoopy. But I did. I became so selfish in wanting to remain happy & close to him that I chose not to see that it can cause unhappiness to him.

That smile of his, my favourite one, which actually warms the soul, I wanted to do anything to get that or to see that smile. But... it was all short lived. The happiness, the safety, the care, the belongingness, everything, the very fibre of me smiling whole heartedly these past few months was short lived. He always said "Enjoy this moment now, kal kisne dekha hai.... at present, right now, I am with you. Am I not?" & he was correct. I dint know things will change... in matter of hours. But they did.

I read a comic and in one of the comic strip of Peanuts, it said, You should keep the things / ones you love close by and secure. The next comic strip had a picture of Snoopy all chained and locked up by Charlie Brown. I wish I can keep my Snoopy with me but the fact is, he is not even mine to keep with me.

You did understand me and not just 60% or 70%, but 200%. You really did. I have shared the most comfortable silence with you, than I ever did with anyone else. I told you during the walk one evening that there are 3 shades to me and one of the shade is only for me. What I din't tell you is that there never was a shade with you. :)

Thank you for being there in whatever way, shape or form you could, because you made a lot of difference in my life. You cared for me in a way that you made me want to be cared for which I had given up on. You accepted me as I am, who I am.

Everyone would have read about "He" & "Blue Shirt", but the very essence of this blog has been my dearest Snoopy and Snoopy has been part of most of the posts in someway or the other. While I have loved "He" & "Blue Shirt" and I always will, I have loved, liked, cared for Snoopy and have always tried to make him smile way more than anyone else who walked in my life. You were, are and will always be worth it because you are class apart. You are my Ivy League. I wish I dint have to miss you, but.....

All I want you to know is, even after 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 months, 10 years, 10 decades, I would still feel the same way for you and wait for my phone's screen to light up and hear that special message tone which is for you. Even after whatever time it is, we will pick up the conversation where we left it this morning, maybe under a blue umbrella. :) Won't we?

Till then, I have small parts of you with me in my memory, messages, pictures and above all, those few lines, written by you to give me company, to stay with me, beside me when I get scared and wake up in night.

Thank you for everything. Please know, I have been the happiest around you :)

I also want you to remember that if ever, any thoughts cross your mind, please please please remember that there is a kid / a girl / a lady (in making) who cares for you more than anybody else in this whole wide world. Please remember this.

For Snoopy: Sweetest Thing by Allman Brown

For You & I:

रास्ते में जो मिलो तो हाथ मिलाने रुक जाना

साथ में कोई हो तुम्हारे दूर से ही तुम मुस्काना;

With lots & lots of love,

The kid / girl / lady who tried very hard to get out of the kid zone <3

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