The 19th of November!

It is Snoopy's second "19th of November" with me. While there are a lot of things I wanted to and will always want to do on this day, we will always get stuck at "How" and I guess it's okay. I know we will still be able to make the best of it someday. :)

The past one year has been life changing (atleast for me). It has been a year of discovering and finding company, never ending conversations, ups & downs, distance & closeness, happy times, away times, sick, healthy, long walks, humari coffee time, finally Roastery time, doc time, WP time and 100 to 0 time.

Connection. Conversation. Shared Interests.

To my dearest S / Oogway / Snoopy, wishing you a very berry merry Happy 19th of November. Sending you happy thoughts to think about before you conk off every night, a big smile when you wake up, rested sleep so that you wake up early in the morning and go for walks, good health, lots of ice creams without a toothache and above all happiness & joy to make you dancing on the air happy.. <3

I'm glad I met you. I hope you know that.

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